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Richard Braniff, PhD, LCSW, LPC
8318 Jefferson Highway, Suite A
Baton Rouge, LA   70809

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email:  rbraniff@braniffcounseling.com

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As a professional counselor, I've dedicated my career to helping people from all walks of life find better adjustment to life's stressors, healthier family functioning, and increased satisfaction in their marriage and intimate relationships. My focus has been on identifying solutions that empower families and individuals to overcome the negative impact of addictions, emotional problems, destructive thought patterns, and ineffective interpersonal skills.

During our sessions, I will make every effort to help you feel comfortable, respected, and valued as a team member in the counseling process.  Your active involvement and ongoing input is essential for a successful outcome.  In essence, all change is self-change that can be facilitated by counselors and supportive family or friends.  Our counseling relationship will focus on helping you to make the changes you want to make in your life and finding the strategies that work best for you.

The methods I use can help you learn to change your emotional state and experience peace and freedom from the harmful effects of stress and negative emotions.  You will learn to take committed action toward the life you want to live.  You will have a greater understanding of your values, beliefs, and needs so that you can make choices and decisions that work for you. You will learn how to experience life more fully rather than trying to avoid people, places, and things that are difficult or unpleasant for you.

In general, my approach takes into consideration the impact of physical, emotional, social, and spiritual factors that affect your functioning.  We are integrated beings that need all parts of ourselves working in harmony. As such, my approach is holistic and integrative and considers how the body, mind, relationships, and spirit are working together to give you the quality of life you desire.

For many of my clients, it is important for them to know that the services they receive will be compatible with their values and beliefs as Christians. They want to feel confident that their faith will be seen as a strength in the process of growth and change and not a weakness or crutch. Most importantly, they need to know that I understands the importance of their religious beliefs to them and will not try to change their belief system.

Although I offer my professional counseling services in the context of Christian values and beliefs, I respect my clients' right to choose to what extent they want to discuss spiritual values and religious beliefs in the counseling process.

If you would like to explore ways that my professional services can help you overcome the challeges you face, please contact me. Thank you!

To schedule a confidential appointment or for additional information, you can call us at 225-938-2608 or 225-744-4047. You may also contact us by email:  rbraniff@braniffcounseling.com if you have any questions.

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